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Action for Google Assistant




If you’re already taking advantage of the Neato integration with Google Assistant, this new update makes it easier. With Google Assistant’s globalization features for voice commands, this integration supports multiple languages.

Here’s what that means for you

Previously, saying “Hey Google, ask Neato to clean,” would make your robot start vacuuming. Google Assistant knows that your Neato does the vacuuming, so now all you have to say is “Hey Google, start vacuuming.” If you have the Neato D7 robot vacuum, you can even clean specific zones with Google Assistant. Want to clean the kitchen? Simply say, “Hey Google, clean the kitchen.”

Some more examples of the old and new commands:

  • “Hey Google, Ask Neato to start cleaning” is now “Hey Google, start cleaning”
  • “Hey Google, Ask neato to stop cleaning” is now “Hey Google, stop cleaning”
  • A brand new command is “Hey Google, clean the room name”.

If you’re already using our old integration, unlink and re-link your Neato account with Google Assistant to get started. You can find additional information to do that right here.

We encourage you to update your account as soon as possible. The old version will be discontinued within the next 30 days.

For additional information on the new direct Action. Please visit our Neato with Google Assistant and Google Home Summary FAQ for a complete list of commands and more details.

We always work hard to make your robot work better for you, and we thank you for being a part of the Neato family!

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